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Alt Music

For the strange and wonderful

Alternative Music
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Welcome to alt_music, maintained by melpemone and maelwaedd.

Kazaa letting you down? Shareaza not getting enough hits? Welcome to alt_music, the livejournal community that will hopefully fulfil all your alternative music needs.

Posting Rules

This is a community for alternative music. Of course, 'alternative' has a different definition for everybody, but a basic rule of thumb is no Top 40 music (alternative covers are, of course, more than welcome).

When posting songs, please observe this layout:

Link: (note: yousendit is fantastic. Simply "email" the file to yourself, then post the link for all to share! A link to the mp3 on your own server is more than fine also.)
Description: (optional. But a small review or anecdote surrounding the song you are posting would be peachy and make life more interesting for all of us.)
Warnings: (if applicable)
File format: (mp3, wma, ogg, etc)

When requesting music, please observe this layout:

Title: (to the best of your knowledge)
Artist: (to the best of your knowledge)
Genre: (if known)
Description: (if you don't know any of the above, this had better be bloody good. A quote from the chorus may be very helpful. NB. If you know any of the lyrics, it may be easier to search google for the song before posting here. Just for accuracy's sake, of course.
Warnings: (if applicable)

General Rules

x No flaming. If somebody's taste in music sucks, well, let them wallow in it.

x Please warn for disturbing content in songs. If you could link to lyrics of the potentially offensive song, that'd be great, although it isn't required.

x If somebody is nice enough to offer their playlist, please read the comments before requesting a song. If you do not and the song has been requested already, the person posting their playlist has every right to kick your arse in the comments for being a time-wasting fool.

x No posting of incomplete mp3s. Seriously, there is nothing more annoying than downloading the first two minutes and thirteen seconds of a song and wondering where the rest of it went. Just don't.

x While it is often difficult, please try your best to use the correct title and artist when linking to songs. If you are unsure whether the song was, in fact, by a certain artist, please put a question mark (?) next to the artist's name when you post your file/request.

x Please observe all those nifty rules you were hopefully taught early on in your schooling or language studies, and use correct English. Spelling is a must, good grammar would be very much appreciated, and if you use CRaZy cApITalS or netspeak (l33tsp34k) you may be banned for life.

Past Themes

The past themes are as follows:

07 August - Canada
24 July - Soundtrack Music
17 July - Songs in Other Languages
06 June - Showcasing Female Vocals
15 May - Protest Songs
08 May - Breakup Songs
01 May - Mix Tapes
25 April - Get Happy!
10 April - Alternative Cover Versions
21 March - Alternative One Hit Wonders
13 March - Best Songs of the 90's
06 March - Songs By Dead People
27 February - Happy Bouncy Cheerful Yay Music
17 February - Angry Fighty Kinda Music
08 February - Sex

Note: this community was inspired by teh_music, without which this community wouldn't exist. However, this community was created without permission. It is not our intention to steal members, simply to provide a community which caters to fans of more alternative music.

Community layout designed by melpemone.