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For the strange and wonderful

12/12/05 10:22 pm - donrufie - ohh, does anyone have this? my sister would love you forever <3

Title: Dominick the Donkey
Artist: Lou Monte
Genre: Christmas music

please ;-; *cling*

10/21/05 04:39 am - babybabay

Heres a mix I made. Its kinda dancey.
Good for driving through manhattan with the windows down.
It should fit perfectly onto an 80min cd if you burn it with no gaps.


let me know what you think

Also Say Anything Fans .... (the band)

Heres a Zip Containing Mostly Everything they Wrote Besides "Is A Real Boy". It has baseball, menorah majorah, the florida demos, the junior varsity demos, the STFU live accoustic session, as well as a bunch of b-sides and the vs. aids demos. 57 tracks in total (205 mb)


10/20/05 10:53 pm - tj_dragonblade

No specific theme; just a small handful of songs.

The Smithereens: Blood and Roses An old favorite. Bass-driven, stripped-down and simple.

Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting Vampires and New Orleans conveyed by a slightly-menacing 2/4 swing. The lyrics are nothing spectacular, but I'm willing to overlook for the very-tasty mood of the song.

The Revolting Cocks: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? A rollicking, swaggering, self-confident cover of Rod Stewart. A bit lewd, to be sure, but very good stuff regardless.

10/15/05 09:50 am - catdraco

Rediscovered this track in my collection just now, and it's too good not to share:

Deadly Nightshades - Smooth Criminal (YouSendIt link).
It's the Michael Jackson classic, played by an Australian acoustic trio. This track is brilliant. Download!

9/25/05 11:25 pm - fire_fly - File sharing

There are a couple of other file sharing sites with slightly better terms than YouSendIt.com. YouSendIt only stores the file for 7 days, or after 25 downloads, which is probably not the best kind of service for a growing community.

SaveFile.com allows unlimited downloads, and the file stays on their servers 14 days after the last download. So as long as people keep downloading it, it'll stay online.

MegaUpload.com has similar terms, but the expiry period is 30 days.

Hope these are useful!

9/19/05 07:56 pm - anwyn18 - Alriiight....

I finally have the time and energy to post! So here we go...

Roll Up Roll Up for the Australiana ShowCollapse )

While I'm here, a couple of more things...
a) If anyone has any Skunkhour, particuarly "We're Up To Our Necks In It", I would love worship and adore them forever.
b) I recall someone wanted The Mavis's - Naughty Boy...if they're still looking for it, let me know and I'll rip the album
c) I seem to have FAR too much good Australian music on CD, so bringing up this topic when I'm in the middle of a ripping spree was foolishness, sheer foolishness. Now you shall all be spammed.

9/19/05 02:37 pm - zillah_mahala - The Almost A to Z of Aussie Artists (...on my computer, anyway.)

Yarr! Here be a collection of Australian music, me 'earties!

21 TracksCollapse )

9/18/05 04:41 pm - melpemone - More Aussie Songs

Five more, for your listening pleasure. In the hunt for wish fulfillment for thecoldacre, I found a couple of old promo CDs lying around in the black depths of my CD collection, all dating from the late '90s. Here's the best of em - all very, very happy alt rock songs. :)

Title: Dogs Are The Best People
Artist: The Fauves
Link: YSI
Notes: Here you go, thecoldacre! Another bouncy tune from The Fauves, and you'll be humming it for weeks. Even if you hate dogs. Like me.
Warnings: None
File format: mp3

Title: Apartment
Artist: Custard
Link: YSI
Notes: Another happy tune, from a band that disappeared off the face of the earth. I don't know why this song caught me so much, but I still find myself humming along to it now and then, even when I haven't actually heard it in years. Always swore this would be the first song I played when I moved house. It still might be. :)
Warnings: Remember not to knock things off the shelves when you're bouncing.
File format: mp3

Title: Red Light Disco
Artist: Moler
Link: YSI
Notes: If anyone remembers this, I'll be very surprised. But I never forgot it, and again, I don't know why.
Warnings: It's a little bit ticky from the rip - the CD had been jammed in with 4 others in a plastic sleeve for who knows how many years - but only towards the end, and it's not loud or intrusive.
File format: mp3

Title: Trike
Artist: You Am I
Link: YSI
Notes: Some very, very early work from everyone's favourite summer band. I don't even know if this song got radio play - might've been a b-side? - but it's a great driving song. Or triking. And coming from someone who actually does own a tricycle, that means something. :)
Warnings: Nuffin.
File format: mp3

Title: Fang It
Artist: Tumbleweed
Link: YSI
Notes: In keeping with the summery guitary driving song theme... here's another one. Again, not sure if this got radio play, but Tumbleweed themselves were quite big on the Triple J scene in the late '90s.
Warnings: Zilch
File format: mp3

If ANYONE has Naughty Boy by The Mavis's, please oh please please send it my way. I've only got a remix, apparently. :(

9/18/05 02:26 am - melpemone - Three Miscellaneous Aussie Songs

Just three miscellaneous awesome songs from me this morning; I have to sleep sometime. I'll put up more over the next couple of days.

All links expire on Sept 25.

Title: The Way of All Things (Album Edit)
Artist: Rebecca's Empire
Link: YSI
Genre: ... alt rock? Of a cruisy sort?
Notes: Rebecca's Empire popped onto the scene in 1999, got high rotation on Triple J, and pretty much faded into obscurity, much to my disappointment. As a consequence, I had this song in my head for nearly three years, until I finally got a hold of the mp3 for myself. As far as I can tell, Rebecca Barnard can be found doing pub gigs these days, although she did turn up on RockKwiz a couple of months ago. Love the band, really love this song.
Warnings: Nil.
File format: mp3

Title: Armies Against Me
Artist: Epicure
Link: YSI
Genre: Um. I'm shit at genres. It's soft, but it's got guitars, guess from there.
Notes: If I had to make a Top 50 list of best songs ever, this would probably make it. It's a very unassuming little song from their Life Sentence EP of 2003, and it makes me sigh wistfully.
Warnings: Look out, it's a love song.
File format: mp3

Title: Sunbury 97
Artist: The Fauves
Link: YSI
Genre: Really, really bouncy rock!
Notes: Eeee, this song owns me. I love it so much that I can remember the exact day I bought the single, and that was eight years ago now, kids. From probably the Aussiest rock album ever (Lazy Highways (1998)) comes this ode to the 1973 Sunbury Festival, which was apparently seminal (hey, I wasn't born yet). Plus, The Fauves are too great for words. If anyone happens to have The Charles Atlas Way or Surf City Limits, do share?
Warnings: You will dance. Oh yes, you will.
File format: wma, but if that's a major issue for anyone I'll convert it again.

9/17/05 10:46 pm - melpemone - This Week's Theme

Well, I left the post open in the hopes of gaining more suggestions, and it sort of worked, but not as well as I'd hoped. Ah well, next time.

We had quite a few excellent suggestions, but sadly, three or four of the really good ones are themes we've already covered. Remember, the previous themes are always posted on both the user info and at the end of every theme post, and you're always free to post to previous themes.

We did, however, get enough to cover the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled (... ew) for more regular theme posting from us. At laaaast. :)

At any rate, the theme for this round is Australian Music, with many thanks to the sparkly lab_brat. Much in the same vein as our last nationality theme, feel free to post up any genre or any style, so long as it's alt. This here glorious comm has a rather substantial Aussie contingent, so we should get a lot of posts (at least in theory :D).

(and yes, I am posting this a little early, but this theme will still be open until Sunday 25 September.)

Let's go, everyone! 136 members should produce more than three posts. :)

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